30 Day money back guarantee - Retail stores only

30 Day
Retail stores Shoe Clinic's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is applicable for all shoes prescribed by your Shoe Clinic technician and purchased in one of our stores nationwide.

How can we make such a strong 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Quite simply because we have the most knowledgeable staff and the most up-to-date technology available to make sure we get it right. Our Footscan computer scans your foot at 300 frames per second to reveal its critical individual characteristics, and then we use Silicon Coach Video Treadmill analysis to confirm the shoe selection is 100% correct.

"This is what we mean when we say, Don’t pick a shoe, let a shoe pick you! Enjoy your shopping at Shoe Clinic."

Hamish French, Shoe Clinic Director

What conditions are there for this guarantee?

The guarantee means you can wear your shoes as much as you like within that 30 day period and if you're not completely happy with how your new shoes fit, you can bring them back for a replacement or a full refund. Please note, this guarantee is ONLY available for shoes purchased in-store, not for online sales. Online purchases do however still receive our Web Store returns policy.

What happens to any shoes returned?

Shoe Clinic donates returned footwear from our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to local charities. As Zeb Stone, from KidsCan, says, “Shoe Clinic’s generosity has seen lots of kids in our community get into quality shoes that they would never normally have access to”.