What Shoe Clinic customers are saying...

Drymax for netball 

This year I have purchase two pairs of Drymax sport socks for netball, this would have to be my best purchase ever. 

On two separate occasions this year, I got to play in the pouring/bucketing rain. Now usually once you get home from a game in that weather your feet are starting to look like prunes as they have been wet and stuck in socks n shoes for bout two hours. This year with my Drymax socks on, My feet were not only warm but when I removed my sock before entering the shower I noticed that they were not prunes or clammy!! 

Honestly I easily squeezed out so much water from my Drymax sock that I could almost not believe that my feet were fine, not clammy, not cold and not looking like prunes!! 

I loved the feel of them before but I am a Drymax fan for life now!! 

Teri, Christchurch

"I would just like to share my recent experience with the Shoe Clinic. After being referred by my podiatrist and knowing nothing about the ins and outs of good quality footwear, I was very impressed with the service I received from the wonderful staff at the Riccarton store.

"Everything was explained to me fully and much time is taken to ensure all my needs were met. I would not hesitate in referring anyone needing sport or causal footwear to the Shoe Clinic.

"Thanks guys, I look forward to dealing with you again in the near future."

Tony, Christchurch

"I've been a runner for many years and, until I heard about the Shoe Clinic, sourced my shoes from a variety of outlets.  The Shoe Clinic's service delivery is without doubt second to none.  

"Of course, their purchase points system is a natural incentive to keep me returning, but what really keeps me going back is their one-on-one support.  

"When I go there I feel like I'm being understood as an individual by staff that really know about runners and running.  I would go nowhere else." 

Maxine, Nelson

"I had a foot condition, and needed a specific support shoe, and Brett was totally committed to getting the shoe I needed for the problem I have and having worn them for several weeks my foot is feeling so much better. It was a plus to know he is a physio as well, as he knows the dynamics of how muscles etc work. All good, and I'll shop there again."

Helen, Nelson

"The shoes I purchased are great, very comfortable, and seem to be well made. The service I received was remarkable, very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I will most certainly be recommending your store to other people."

Patrizia, Nelson

"I always buy my shoes at Shoe Clinic, but my last purchase was a fuel belt heaps better than I could find at other stores in Nelson. Brett is always friendly and no matter how busy he is he makes customers feel attended quite a skill. 

"He has an awesome amount of product and specialised knowledge when it comes to selecting the right shoe and being a physio also adds credibility to what he says. I wouldn't go anywhere else and I recommend the Shoe Clinic to friends."

Chris Gates, Podiatrist, Nelson

"Being an avid runner and Podiatrist (Foot Specialist) the Shoe Clinic complements my treatment by fitting shoes to suit the wearing of orthoses etc.

"With Brett being a qualified Physiotherapist, his base knowledge of Sports Medicine relative to the foot and leg is useful for both Shoe Clinic clients and myself with regards to my referrals and vice versa. Feedback from my clients has been virtually 100% positive regarding the friendly, professional service given."

Alasdair, Wellington

"As a bit of background, I have been to a couple of other's stores recently to see if they could tell me what the replacement shoe for my Adidas Cairo would be. None of them had a clue, although one of them did show me a shoe that she claimed was the replacement, but she didn't know why.

"So I went back to your Willis St shop, to be greeted by a friendly young man. He was enthusiastic, impressively knowledgeable, and was able to instantly tell me that although Adidas no longer made a shoe like the Cairo, he was able to show me a number of shoes with similar characteristics. 

"I was impressed with his product knowledge, his genuine passion for his product, and his desire to get the right outcome for me. I bought on the spot, and will continue to recommend your shops to anyone who will listen!!"

Belinda, Nelson

"Thank you for your support through the year ... you are a fantastic service to our running community! It is great to have such enthusiasm keeping a finger on the pulse of our sport. 

"Since you and the Shoe Clinic made your arrival in Nelson it has been much easier to keep stocked in good shoes. I used to have to bank on shopping while travelling to races simply because I could not find what I needed.

"Thanks Brett!! "

Ondy, Christchurch

"I purchased a pair of Asics shoes for the half marathon in Westport from your Riccarton store in Christchurch. The girl that helped me was fantastic and made sure I had the right shoes for me. Unfortunately I didn't win the marathon, but I have told all my friends how great your store is.

"I will get all my sports gear from the Shoe Clinic from now on. Thanks for a great service!"

Karen, Paraparaumu

"I decided to treat myself with some new running shoes. I run about 7-9 ks five times a week.

"I went into your store to have shoes fitted properly rather than off the shelf hit and miss that I usually do. The young lady who looked after me was great, but that is not the point. I tried to wear my new shoes in with some walks and a light jog, but I was getting blisters under the arches of my feet.

"In despair, I went back to your store with shoes in box, ready to do battle. Instead, the young lady I was served by was there with a smile on her face. She was so professional and helpful and very soon I was back out the door with my new Asics Gels, Thorlosocks and a complimentary water in a Shoe Clinic bottle.

"Your store stood by its word of a free 1 month replacement for any fitted shoe and I think that deserves a big THANK YOU.

"My family and I will definitely use your store again, even if it does mean a trip up from Paraparaumu to do so. I am very happy with my new shoes."

Waiata, The Mainland

“Five years ago, after a fitting in your Lower Hutt store, I bought two pairs of shoes which I have worn almost constantly. 

"I live at the mouth of the Waitaki River and do a lot of walking over stones. I also travel a lot and my two pairs of shoes have carried me up mountains in Turkey and Greece, through museums and art galleries in Russia and Europe. 

"When I travel I take my two pairs of Shoe Clinic fitted shoes and one pair for dressy occasions. My shoes are still comfortable, although somewhat faded. Their only trouble is that the laces have frayed!

"If I can get to one of your stores before I leave for overseas again, I shall certainly make an appointment for fitting 
a new pair."

Sandy, Wellington

Just wanted to say that I came in recently to the Willis St store to buy another pair of running shoes and as usual your staff members were extremely courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I have never had an occasion when that has not been the case. 

The other thing that I really appreciate is the time that I am given as a customer - I always feel as though I am important and that nothing is too much trouble. What an achievement, and congratulations! Thank you so much.

Susan Benge, Napier

“When I decided to start training for my first half marathon I went to Shoe Clinic to get fitted properly for running shoes. I loved the service and knowledge Shoe Clinic Napier staff had. 

They made it easy for me. Now I only go to Shoe Clinic to get my running shoes. Shoe Clinic rocks!”